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Prym - Ball of Wool Holder / Dispenser

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This Prym Yarn dispenser holds the yarn ball in place while you knit or crochet. So the needle doesn't bounce around or tangle. At the same time, the yarn holder prevents dogs and cats from playing with your yarn balls.

The yarn holder is made of plastic and is 12 cm high and 9.5 cm in diameter. It has two parts, a blue-purple bowl for the yarn itself and a clear plastic lid. On top of the lid there is a hole for the end of the yarn key and a nylon handle. The handle makes the yarn easy to carry. You open the yarn holder and place your yarn bobbin in the bowl. Make sure to pull the yarn out through the hole in the lid, and preferably the yarn from the center of the yarn nozzle. Attach the lid to the holder and you are now ready to knit.

German Prym has been producing quality products for various knitting and crochet projects since 1903. You get a product that lasts for many needlework projects.

This product is available for online ordering only, and is not available in store.  It can however be ordered for collection.