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Prym - Fold and Store - Knitting Sewing Basket on Wheels

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This Prym Folding Basket on Wheels is a great all-round storage solution that keeps all your creative craft supplies in check. The box is equipped with clever pockets and compartments that makes it easy to store tools, accessories as well as projects of varying sizes. With the mobile folding basket, you can always keep your equipment together and close at hand.

The handy folding basket is made of 90% cotton and 10% bamboo. The cotton is dyed grey, while the natural colour of the bamboo is retained. This gives the box a nice colour contrast, resulting in a very stylish design. With its size of 38 x 37 x 26 cm you are guaranteed plenty of storage space. In addition, the basket has 9 external pockets distributed across the sides. The pockets allow you to quickly grab the equipment you need.

At the same time, the folding basket has a practical opening on one side which allows you to pull out yarn from the basket's interior compartment. This way you can knit or crochet directly from the box, even when the lid is closed, while the material remains safely in the basket.

The four wheels of the folding basket make it easy to drag the Prym box with you to your favourite workstation. At the same time, the basket is a flexible storage option as the box can be completely folded when not in use.

This product is available for online ordering only, and is not available in store.  It can however be ordered for collection.