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Scanfil - Mending Wool Thread - 15m - 052 Medium Grey

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Scanfil mending wool is ideal for darning socks and other thin-ish to medium-weight knitwear, and for embroidery. It's made from a blend of wool and nylon, similar to sock yarn, for added strength. You can also combine it with sock yarn when knitting socks to reinforce heels and toes.

The range of 24 colours includes something for everyone: exciting brights for colour lovers, standard school-uniform colours, and neutral colours.

Mending-wool dye lots can vary; if you are planning a large blended mend, it's best to buy multiple cards at a time to ensure consistency.

Made in the Netherlands from 55% wool / 45% nylon, wound onto cardstock. Each card contains 15m of 2-ply yarn.