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UKHKA - Multi Knitting Pattern - UKHKA 246 - Baby Blankets

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Multi Knitting Pattern - UKHKA 246
4 x Baby Blankets

This baby knitting pattern will instruct you on how to create blankets in four designs: striped, squares, lace or textured.

The pattern gives you measurements to create the blankets in the following sizes:

Striped blanket - 79cm x 79cm (31.25" x 31.25").

Squares blanket - 85cm x 85cm (33.5" x 33.5").

Lace blanket - 93cm x 93cm (36.75" x 36.75").

Textured blanket - 73cm x 95cm (28.75" x 37.5").

This UKHKA knitting pattern is suitable for use with most double knit yarns, however tensions may vary and we recommend you knit a tension square before knitting the whole blanket.