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Whitecroft Essentials

Whitecroft Essentials - Knitters Sewing Needles - Pack of 2

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Whitecroft Essentials

Knitters Sewing Needles 

Pack of 2

An essential pair of knitting needles for any keen sewer or crocheter, these needles have large eyes for easy threading and are blunt ended to prevent any risk of accidently stabbing your fingers, both packaged in a smart plastic safety storage wallet that makes them easy to find and carry with you wherever you go!

1x Blunt Pointed Needle 

59mm long x 2mm diameter with a threading eye 12.6mm long x 1.2mm wide

1 x Blunt Pointed Needle 

50mm long x 1.4mm diameter with a threading eye 11mm long x 0.9mm wide